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Do the baby calves get enough colostrum for themselves?

Our colostrum is thoughtfully sourced, making sure we always put our baby cow friend’s first. Cows, just like humans, produce more colostrum than their offspring can drink. The calves get fed as much as they’ll eat first, and then we collect the surplus and turn it into the world’s greatest superfood for our human friends.

How does Cowboy source its colostrum? Are the cows grass-fed?

We make it a priority at Cowboy to source our colostrum from dairy farmers who treat their cows with love and respect. The cows are grazing on pasture as long as weather permits and in the cold seasons they are provided shelter and fed products derived from grass like hay. We collect first milking colostrum from grass-fed U.S. dairy cows within the first 4 to 6 hours after the calf is born and it gets theirs. Our cows are never treated with rBST r(BGH), antibiotics, or hormones.

Is Cowboy Colostrum lactose free?

Different from mature milk, colostrum has a higher protein and fat content, and much less lactose. Although a tiny amount, Cowboy colostrum does contain lactose. So for those with a severe milk allergy, this is not for you.

How is Cowboy Colostrum different from other colostrum on the market?

Our colostrum is left completely unstripped and full of fat unlike many colostrums on the market. Never tweaked in a lab, created perfectly by nature. Our serving sizes are substantial enough to actually notice a difference in your health, instead of simply being another tiny scoop of powder you throw in your smoothie, getting lost in a myriad of superfoods. We keep our formula pure and simple, like a delicious milky treat for your inner child.

What ingredients are in Cowboy colostrum?

You guessed it - grass-fed bovine colostrum is our main ingredient, and the only ingredient in our unflavored colostrum. Our vanilla blend contains no junk, just monk(fruit) and natural vanilla flavor along with our golden hero colostrum.

Can I take Cowboy colostrum while pregnant?

Colostrum is not only safe but beneficial for pregnant mothers and their babies. It helps enhance the mother's immune system, helping to maintain healthy immune function.*

Additionally, colostrum passes immune factors to the baby through the placenta, supporting the child's immune response.* With that said, it's always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider before taking any supplements while pregnant.

Is colostrum safe for children?

There is a ton of research out there that supports it's not only safe for toddlers and children, but highly beneficial and has all of the same benefits for children as it does for adults. To us, the benefits outweigh any potential risk. That being said, it’s always best to consult with your healthcare provider before giving your child any supplements.


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