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Welcome to the rodeo.

Cowboy Colostrum, a bicoastal wellness brand rooted in nature, rowdiness, and wholesome living, pays homage to the essential bond our ancestors forged with bovines. We specialize in premium colostrum supplements sourced from grass-fed cows, delivering a unique wellness experience through larger serving sizes, affordability, unrivaled quality, and delicious milky flavor profiles. At Cowboy Colostrum, we are not only committed to offering a distinctive approach to well-being but also prioritize calf welfare, ensuring a sustainable and balanced perspective on wellness. Our brand celebrates the enduring legacy of the primal connection between humans and bovines, bridging the gap between traditional practices and contemporary wellness.

How it all began

We’re Jessy and Steph. We started Cowboy - here’s why.

The wellness world can feel wildly confusing and contradictory. Search any diet trend, supplement or food religion and you’ll find yourself down a rabbit hole of overwhelmingly convincing information as to why that very thing will either heal you or hurt you.

Our health journeys have been unfolding parallel to one another’s since our friendship formed years ago. We’ve ridden the entire spectrum from vegan to carnivore - from intermittent fasting and yoga to HIIT training and ice baths to dozens of daily supplements and overpriced bodywork. We’ve tried it all, and where we’ve landed is somewhere in the middle.

Humans have a funny way of complicating things - more doesn’t always equal better, and sometimes the simplest of approaches yield the most potent results. We’re big fans of Mother Nature and everything she has so perfectly architected within and around us.

Through bouts of diet changes leading to deficiencies and low energy, we knew something had to change. It turned out that strictly eating plants didn’t lead to perfect energy levels, animal fats actually made us feel strong, and consuming high quality, well sourced protein balanced our bodies in ways that cutting these things out never quite could. We were onto something with the whole animal based approach - what if these primal ways of feeding our bodies held the codes to simply feel good in our bodies? It was time to retire the futile pursuit of looking at our health as an impossible Rubik’s cube to be solved.

Enter colostrum - the ultimate primal nourishment. Nature’s first food. This milky white powder simply.. felt right. We’re taught to listen to our guts, and our guts are huge fans of this golden superfood, so much so that we knew we had to make it more accessible to those around us and spread the good word. So.. here we are now. We’re happy to have you on board.

We’re not making any crazy claims that this supplement will give you wings, heal all your interpersonal relationships or have you sleeping 10 uninterrupted hours a night. We’re suggesting that you too can reap the benefits of nature in her most original form - from a boost in immunity to glowing skin and enhanced athletic performance, colostrum has you covered.

Thanks for being here.
Your cowgirls


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